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E. Dane

Friends Only

Friends Only. (Preferably ones that fight crime without guns, but w/ skanky outfits, fake wigs, and trash can lids.)

Ah, all in a day's work.

Feel free to place a comment for an add. :)


I cannot see your FO banner and it makes me sad because I feel like it's probably extremely awesome and I really want to see it.

(That's all, really. Unless you were thinking about defriending me, in which case I would probably just curl up and cry. I like it here! (You know, when you randomly post. (You should post more.)) And now I'll go study for my stats exam that's soon instead of harassing you.) :P
Hmm... it shows on my Mozilla browser, but not Explorer. I guess I have to tinker with it... lol. And it's not that awesome really.

And why the heck would I defriend you?. Pssh.

And btw, you got me hooked on The Office, which is wrong because I was one of those people who refused to hop on that bandwagon (everyone I know watches it), but somehow you gave out subliminal messages of its coolness in your pic spams and such. I resent that. I really do. ;)

I can't post more often. Lol, I treat this thing as if it's an actual journal (I rarely write in it), so it'd be immoral to write more... *fidgets* I like that excuse.
That excuse? Lame, Fizz. LAME.

(You watch The Office now? My plan is coming together nicely. Muah ha ha. Also yaaay working banner. It IS rather awesome.)
Ahaha, thank you.

You know, I was rereading 'Waiting Out the Silence' and I realized that my version of Eden's mom in 'Between Two' was probably subconsciously based on your Eden's mom. Lol. I'm such a bonehead.
Bonehead? More like incredibly AWESOME. Heeeeee, Eden's mom!

Ummm, also, I do not understand why you are rereading that story. BUT WHATEVS. I'm glad SOMEONE likes it (because I certainly... do not).
Pssh. It's a good story even though Eden is all sad and stuff. I don't like when Eden is all sad and stuff, so that's a compliment? *shrugs in confusement*

[wavie] I can't figure out why I hadn't friended you before now, so I'm making up for it [g]
Lol. Well, I tend to rather act like I have some form of ADD, so that could be why I haven't friended you till now. Hee. ;)

Well, now we've made up for it, so it's all good LOL
Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your RSS feeds also, Thanks.

Please, can you PM me and tell me number of much more thinks about this, I am truly fan of one’s webpage…gets solved properly asap.

E. Dane

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